A New Year….. A New beginning……

Once again I find myself wondering if I actually will be a consistent blogger this year…  my last post was actually, about this time… LAST YEAR!  yikes!

It’s a little odd to me that I really didn’t blog AT ALL in 2013, and that was probably one of the slowest travel years I’ve had in recent…. but when I traveled a ton, I always seemed to find some time….I’ve thought about doing one of those 365 projects, but, nah….not my style.  I’m just going to start blogging about my weekly travels (I start out on the road again – different city every week starting the beginning of February) and see how that goes… in the meantime, I’m going to attempt to “catch up” for 2013 as I did get to go some cool places and photograph some old friends and their families……

Let’s hope I can at least start with that and move forward……


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Peace, Love, Travel and Happiness in the New Year….


2012…..errrrrr, I mean 2013.

I totally dropped the ball in the latter part of 2012 in regards to blogging. I just can’t seem to get the right mindset of being consistent, etc. Now, in my defense, I’ve been busy traveling to different locations and sometimes didn’t have internet or even my computer with me… but one would even argue and say – “you traveled and did some cool stuff – so you SHOULD have tons of stuff to blog about”….. but alas, here I am 5 days into 2013 and I’m shaking my head at The Photo Nomad.

I’d like to promise that this year will be different or that I’ll suddenly find the magical recipe for doing this…I just don’t know….

I read an article in my email on the 1st regarding creating good habits and consistency in doing these types of things… it said that studies show that 21 days of doing something consistently is the way to effectively get that ball rolling… it teaches our brain to get into a habit and “stick” with it….

It’s kinda like doing a workout/gym/exercise plan – hard by yourself but somewhat easier if you have a partner or trainer pushing you or holding you accountable. So, I need someone or everyone to push me and hold me accountable.

I’m truly going to (attempt to) try this. Now to say something or show something interesting on a regular basis….. Wish me luck. Send me a comment. Let me know you’re out there.

Btw – totally envious of all the bloggers that do this CONSISTENTLY!

Happy New Year…. and Happy Blogging.

Are you Hip? A Tourist with an iPhone.

Phew, that didn’t happen.

I try to constantly educate myself and understand the world I live in.  Sometimes, it’s easier than others, but for the most part if I have a question, I ask, or look it up – gotta love the internet (although I do sometimes miss the smell of the card holder box at the library that held the Dewey decimal system in there…yeah, I’m old(er)). 

A constant “conversation” of sorts that keeps recurring in my life is, “Who/what exactly is a photographer?”  Seems like an easy enough answer — “Someone who takes pictures, etc” 

Here’s the Wikipedia definition – “A photographer (from Greek  (photos), meaning “light”, and (graphos), meaning “written” is a person who takes photographs.   A professional photographer uses photography to earn money; amateur photographers take photographs for pleasure and to record an event, emotion, place, or person.  A professional photographer may be an employee, for example of a newspaper, or may contract to cover a particular event such as a wedding or graduation, or to illustrate an advertisement. Others, including paparazzi and fine art photographers, are freelancers, first making a picture and then offering it for sale or display. ” Full link – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Photographer

I keep coming across blogs and articles, etc that talk about the definition – and if a photo is taken with a camera phone, it’s clearly not professional (by people’s opinions, of course).  In fact, some guy just got a 2 page spread in the most recent Sports Illustrated for photographing training camps on his iPhone with Instagram. 


I consider myself a freelance photographer.  I get paid to take pictures and travel and I’m happy with that, and I guess by the definition above, that makes me “professional”.   Whatever.  I’m Ginger de Vegh.  And I take pictures – some good and some bad.  (By the way, here’s an interesting article I recently read talking about what defines a “famous” photographer - http://photofocus.com/2012/07/22/famous-photographers-really/ )

The purpose of this blog was that I’ve visited NYC/NJ and Boston numerous times (grew up in NJ and lived in Boston for a year) and last May I visited both, again,  and for some reason, I didn’t feel like pulling out my big camera every 5 seconds.  So, I decided to capture the cities from my iPhone – through the App Hipstamatic.  I loved the results and hope to do something with some of the shots one day.  I will continue to shoot certain cities this way because I think it’s just a different viewpoint then the standard, everyday photo that we see of some of the same places.  These are some of my favorites from the trip.

Please, I want to hear your opinions on this — please comment and tell me your thoughts!!!

Enjoy the photos – click on the 1st one and it will open up a larger image!

Til next time –


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Your Photo Thoughts 7/20/2012

1) Who can tell me where this is/was located? (I say “was” because I took the photo in 2007 and I’m not sure it’s still there)…

But, more importantly -

2) What does this photo make you feel or think of?  Please comment below!

Enjoy your Friday!

Til next time,


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How to Deliver a yacht in 5 days…make that 8.

“The sea always filled her with longing, though for what she was never sure.”  
   Cornelia Funke, Inkheart

I have some friends who get to hang out on a multi-million dollar yacht for a living.  Wait, let me clarify “hang out” for you…. My friends Andrew and Karen have the job that most people would die for – they work/live on a 110′ motor yacht and sail up & down the East coast of the US, and throughout the Bahamas and Caribbean.  Nice gig, eh?  Andrew is the Captain and his wife Karen is the 1st Mate/Stewardess, and together they have years and years of experience doing this, separately and for about 10 years now, together.  In fact, they met on a boat.

I rented a house in Ft Lauderdale from them years ago, and had lost touch, but re-connected a few years back.  Flash forward to Dec. 2010, and they needed some updated interior cabin shots done.  After the shoot, we headed out to lunch to catch up and talk about their next destination – St Thomas, USVI for the winter.  I think I saw a light bulb go off over their heads when they asked what I was doing later on that week – and would I like to do the delivery with them.  Wait, let me think about this….. YES!!!  This was Tuesday.  Friday morning at 7am, I was on the dock with my duffel and a smile!

We headed out with smiles for what was to be a delivery that would take 5 days, of course depending on weather… My “job” on the delivery trip was to do watches  with Karen from 6a-10a and then again 6p-10p.  Other than that, I spent most of my days at sea lounging in the salon (living room for you non-boaters) reading, watching movies in the crew quarters and up on the fly bridge listening to music.  The weather  heading out of Ft Lauderdale was beautiful and the seas pretty calm at 1-3′ swells…occasionally a little more.  We made it into Nassau and docked over by Paradise Island for the night.  This was truly my first experience as a “boat person”, as we headed onto land for some adult beverages.

The next morning bright and early started the next leg… Our intended destination was Turks & Caicos.  Well, that didn’t happen.

We motored along for a majority of the day in growing seas as darkened storm clouds were sneaking up behind us.  When we started out, the swell was still in the 1-3′ to 2-4′ range.  Over the course of several hours, they had quickly kicked up to a solid 2-4′, then easily 6-8′+!  Add some nice 2-4′ waves on top of that and you are definitely rocking and rolling.  We had just been brought lunch up by the chef and had a few bites in when an alarm started going off in the engine room.  NOT the sound you want to hear on a boat out in the middle of the ocean.  Turns out it was a generator.  No big deal, you just have to restart it and we’re good to go.  Well, After you shut the boat down and wait for what seemed like the longest 30-45 seconds of my life.  In shutting the boat down, the swell and waves turned us not to kindly into the oncoming swell so we got hit a few times starboard (right side, again for you non-boaters).  Then the chef yells “STARBOARD WAVE!” and BOOM.  We got hit hard.  Enough to lean us pretty significantly port and anything that was not attached went flying!  I’ll save you anymore dramatics, as the boat powered up and after a “holy s&$t” moment, we were on our way again.  Captain Andrew decided we (crew and boat) had enough of a beating and that it was time to head into safer waters/port.

We continued to head along The Exumas which are an archipelago of over 360 cays and islands.  (They begin just 35 miles southeast of Nassau).

This was some of the most beautiful aquamarine and sapphire water I had ever seen.  We ended up in a place called Sampson Cay and decided to “wait out” the Christmas Winds.  We docked late Saturday afternoon.  We didn’t leave until Wednesday.

Most people have dreamed or imagined being “stuck” on a tropical island…deserted beaches surrounded by every shade of blue water you could imagine.  Well, my dream was now a reality and I was going to embrace every second of it!  Right down to being chased by nurse sharks on a paddleboard!   Sampson Cay is a 31 acre island that lies 240 miles from Ft Lauderdale and 75 nautical miles southeast of Nassau.

I explored that island several times over those few days.   What a beautiful place and I suggest you pop over there if you happen to be in the area (Staniel Cay is really close!)

We headed out that Wednesday and bid farewell to my little island.  We spent the next few days on the water only stopping in the Dominican Republic for fuel and water.   Captain Andrew had made a decision in the middle of the night to bypass the Turks & Caicos as there was a window in the weather that would allow us to make up some lost time at sea.  So we went for it!

We motored right past Haiti and as I mentioned, stopped in DR, then got back underway and continued along the incredibly long coastline, then on past Puerto Rico until St Thomas was on the horizon.  This was over the course of 36+ hours.  That dock in St Thomas was a welcome sight!   


After we got Banyan all tied up at the dock, we headed out for a nice crew dinner on St Thomas followed by drinks and dancing at a locals spot with other boaters.  Not a bad way to spend Christmas Eve!!!  Oh, and while we were enjoying our nice crew dinner ON land, the table started to shake.  A 5.1 earthquake that we felt from 80 miles away!


Christmas morning came and although I was supposed to be home celebrating with family and friends, this was definitely a unique experience!  Glad I could share it with Andrew & Karen!  After a nice “breakfast” of Roti and Bloody Marys, we explored a bit of Charlotte Amalie before I had to catch a flight home!  (BTW – if you’re ever in St Thomas, find Gladys’ – not only is she a wonderful woman, they make a damn good Bloody Mary and Roti!)


Wait – did I hear you correctly???  I get to add as much rum into my drink as I like?  Why thank you!

We had arrived in St Thomas, USVI on Christmas Eve, Dec. 24th 2010 after leaving Ft Lauderdale, FL on Fri Dec 17th.  It was an incredible week-long  journey that I will always remember.  This journey sparked another part of my desire and travel which I am now pursuing, by combining my photography with boating – and I already have some great opportunities on the (very near) horizon! 

I’ll repeat the quote from the beginning of this post – “The sea always filled her with longing, though for what she was never sure.” 

After growing up near the sea for the better part of 41 years, I now know why I’ve always been drawn to it.

Til next time –

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