West Coast Living in 2016

2016 brought me new adventures on the West Coast.  Being an “East Coast” girl my entire life, I found myself in the last 10 years wanting to see what all the hype was about… February 2016 found me on a plane, ready for my adventure.
I settled into the Santa Cruz/South Bay area and am amazed on an almost daily basis, at the beauty in my proverbial “backyard”.

It’s funny to me when I meet people out here, some who have called California their home for their entire life, and they ask me where I’ve been/what I’ve see soo far…And turns out, I’ve seen more than most!  The wanderlust spirit is strong for me out here and I crave adventuring.  I’ve essentially traveled the entire PCH from Northern Oregon down to SoCal.  I’ve been to countless State and National Parks and and seen trees that defy everything that you think is possible,  winding roads that sometimes feel like a roller-coaster ride, and a coastline that is powerful, dramatic and breathtaking.  I don’t even feel like I’ve scratched the surface.
I’m excited to see what adventures and sights I encounter in 2017…The views never seem to get old.

These are some of my favorite shots that sum up 2016.

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Not For Nothing…the band.

A cover of Florence and the Machine’s “Dogs Days are Over” boomed into the warm but pleasant evening air….the crowd sang along and clapped begging for more, but unfortunately, the evening had to end.  This past Sunday, one of our local bands to the Wilton Manors-Ft Lauderdale area played…Not For Nothing.   Paul Bellantoni (www.paulbellantoniband.com) – vocals and piano, EsOh – vocals and violin, Charlene Chuckaree (www.facebook.com/agirlnamedchuckmusic) – vocals and guitar, and Elisa Seda (eseda.net) – drums,  each having their own successes in the music world, have gotten together to strike a musical partnership with originals as well as killer covers.  I’m happy to not only call these guys friends, but to be able to enjoy their music and successes – and to share through pictures, their passion!

These are just some of the moments from the show…

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Sandy Hook, NJ 2013

Feeling a bit like this photo…cracked, forgotten, mis-placed….. Working like crazy to get back on track with my personal photography projects. I miss the excitement…the thrill…the adventure…
I find myself doing exactly what I promised myself that I wouldn’t do – forget WHY I do photography….Instead of constantly “working” doing portrait sessions, dance competition photos, etc – get back to the simplicity of exploring and finding beautiful pieces of “art” that are waiting to be discovered….
I am promising myself to post photos of my adventures….my travels… to remind myself of why I do this….