Not For Nothing…the band.

A cover of Florence and the Machine’s “Dogs Days are Over” boomed into the warm but pleasant evening air….the crowd sang along and clapped begging for more, but unfortunately, the evening had to end.  This past Sunday, one of our local bands to the Wilton Manors-Ft Lauderdale area played…Not For Nothing.   Paul Bellantoni ( – vocals and piano, EsOh – vocals and violin, Charlene Chuckaree ( – vocals and guitar, and Elisa Seda ( – drums,  each having their own successes in the music world, have gotten together to strike a musical partnership with originals as well as killer covers.  I’m happy to not only call these guys friends, but to be able to enjoy their music and successes – and to share through pictures, their passion!

These are just some of the moments from the show…

Support your local music scene!!!


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Sandy Hook, NJ 2013

Sandy Hook, NJ 2013

Feeling a bit like this photo…cracked, forgotten, mis-placed….. Working like crazy to get back on track with my personal photography projects. I miss the excitement…the thrill…the adventure…
I find myself doing exactly what I promised myself that I wouldn’t do – forget WHY I do photography….Instead of constantly “working” doing portrait sessions, dance competition photos, etc – get back to the simplicity of exploring and finding beautiful pieces of “art” that are waiting to be discovered….
I am promising myself to post photos of my adventures….my travels… to remind myself of why I do this….

A New Year….. A New beginning……

Once again I find myself wondering if I actually will be a consistent blogger this year…  my last post was actually, about this time… LAST YEAR!  yikes!

It’s a little odd to me that I really didn’t blog AT ALL in 2013, and that was probably one of the slowest travel years I’ve had in recent…. but when I traveled a ton, I always seemed to find some time….I’ve thought about doing one of those 365 projects, but, nah….not my style.  I’m just going to start blogging about my weekly travels (I start out on the road again – different city every week starting the beginning of February) and see how that goes… in the meantime, I’m going to attempt to “catch up” for 2013 as I did get to go some cool places and photograph some old friends and their families……

Let’s hope I can at least start with that and move forward……


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Peace, Love, Travel and Happiness in the New Year….


2012…..errrrrr, I mean 2013.

I totally dropped the ball in the latter part of 2012 in regards to blogging. I just can’t seem to get the right mindset of being consistent, etc. Now, in my defense, I’ve been busy traveling to different locations and sometimes didn’t have internet or even my computer with me… but one would even argue and say – “you traveled and did some cool stuff – so you SHOULD have tons of stuff to blog about”….. but alas, here I am 5 days into 2013 and I’m shaking my head at The Photo Nomad.

I’d like to promise that this year will be different or that I’ll suddenly find the magical recipe for doing this…I just don’t know….

I read an article in my email on the 1st regarding creating good habits and consistency in doing these types of things… it said that studies show that 21 days of doing something consistently is the way to effectively get that ball rolling… it teaches our brain to get into a habit and “stick” with it….

It’s kinda like doing a workout/gym/exercise plan – hard by yourself but somewhat easier if you have a partner or trainer pushing you or holding you accountable. So, I need someone or everyone to push me and hold me accountable.

I’m truly going to (attempt to) try this. Now to say something or show something interesting on a regular basis….. Wish me luck. Send me a comment. Let me know you’re out there.

Btw – totally envious of all the bloggers that do this CONSISTENTLY!

Happy New Year…. and Happy Blogging.