About The Photo Nomad…

8 thoughts on “About The Photo Nomad…”

  1. Glad I found your blog, Ginger !
    The list of the countries you have visited is really awesome .
    Keep going ! And keep blogging too !!
    Best wishes !
    Looking forward to your future posts ,


    1. Thanks utham! I appreciate you taking the time to comment and of course the nice things you’ve said! I have lots of past adventures and travels to catch up on as well as new ones that are coming up!!!

  2. Thank you very much Montecristo Travels! Hope you enjoyed and please check up on my website regularly as some very exciting changes are being made to really focus on my travels through writing and photography!!! This blog will be undergoing a transformation as well!
    Thanks again!!!!

    1. Gregg – I absolutely ADORE your designs!!! I came to your show @ Mortons that Sunday night and was in awe of your work…. breath-taking..I wanted to say hello and tell you in preson, but you were shy and busy.. 🙂 PLEASE, let me know when the art show is – I would love to come!

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